by Shadow People

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mike poole
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mike poole Finally bought it so I can listen to it whenever, such good stuff!! Love doing shows with you guys.
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released July 14, 2017


all rights reserved



SHADOW PEOPLE Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge's finest fucked up, feedback, bipolar, indie sludged, kinky screaming, vocal popped, misunderstanding rock sluts...

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Track Name: Tabitha
No time for shake and bake I will torch the place!
Gimme some of that honey
In this motel, no tell, got roses for sale
Gimme some of that money!

Box spring mattresses, box spring mattresses, box spring mattresses!

A thousand men, the ocean, stuck between, mattresses

Show me yours, show you mine, looking for good time
It makes me feel so pretty
Knock boots let's get a room, show you what I do
It makes me feel so shitty

You threw your diamonds away, yeah
Threw your diamonds away a yay

I do!
It for the kids!
Track Name: i dont mean too
I don't mean to.....
I don't mean to bother you
Track Name: gashes
Collar popping, trendy, friendly, promise I will be your ending
Hey, hey, hey!
Be yourself is not suggested, your gift of self is molested
Hey, hey, hey!

It's not my blood on my hands you understand, just go, you are your clothes, fake fuck!
(X2 sings/ screams)

Track Name: sorry
You shake back, you take back, yeah
You take off
You say hi, you say bye, yeah
You fuck off

You're sorry, you're sorry, yeah
You're sorry X2

Pull off the skin, ahhh! x2

Genuine with your lies yeah
You're so sweet with deceit yeah

Pulling out my hair, for you!
There's nothing else that's there!
Just please, please leave, me be
Track Name: the masochist
Kinda getting bored, kinda licking my lips now
Kinda wanting more, my blood gets her aroused

Let's play a game, these sexy stains we mutilate
It's hurts so great, she cuts me so deep with this blade!

Hush and hush and hush, shut the fuck up!

She's in costume, she wears a rabbits head
Her tongue tastes the wounds, her clothes covered in red
Track Name: pretty scar
Hit me and you hit me
You hit me like you love me
I'm bleeding and I'm bleeding
I'm bleeding your my lady
You cut me and cut me
You cut me and you stare
You stab me and you stab to show you motherfuckin care!

Pretty scars!
It's all they are are!
Pretty scars!

(Bridge) x2
Take my life my pretty wife
Sexy knife to satisfy
Track Name: tea
This to me!
How could you?
You bastard
All for the MOTHERFUCKIN tea!

Here's your crown
Of fallacies

God forbid, you to be, full of shit
All for the MOTHERFUCKIN tea
Here's your crown
Shove it down

Hey man nice acting
Where's you get your puppet strings
Love it when you sing
Like an angel with pretty wings
Track Name: the jokes on you/with a "V"
*Jokes on you*

Woke me outside of my ride
And he waited till I opened my eyes
Yeah he's the man

Nothing goes according to plan
Jokes on you!

No empathy
Don't feel any!

Put the cuffs so right on my hands and he put me in the back of the car
Yeah he's the man
Nothing goes according to plan


No empathy
Don't feel any!

You're a mobnster!

*With a "V"

Man in blue says I'm under arrest
Wrote her letters with no address
And behind these iron bars
I know that you're not so far

Blessed, is this broken ness?
Nothing less

Sings at funerals so she says
Black complected hair and dress
Hear at her best
She'll sing when your dead
Track Name: mourning star
She just likes to fake it
Like she's fuckin jaded
Like she's mine like the pins in her eyes
Pupils dialated
Hanging out naked
Like she's mine like the pins in her eyes

Hands are violent, sweaty-silent, I can't fight it
Hands are violent, sweaty-silent...

My own! hormoans!

The moan! Alone!


Sweating like a whore in church
With those big horns of hers
Like she's mine like the pins in her eyes
Role playing as a nurse, she's insincerely yours
Like she's mine like the pins in her eyes

When I wish upon a star, stick a needle in my arm, stop the beating to my heart!

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