Batom Rouge


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Six Weeks 03:14
The belly mustn’t grow She didn’t even know How’s she suppose to know in just six weeks! Just six weeks! Just six weeks! How she suppose to know If she is, if she ain’t! Let her do what she wants If she wants it or not! It’s her choice, not mine! Take the body! Out her body! Take the body out her body! She’s six weeks too late! She’s owned by the state! Yeah, yeah!
We lost our providence So take it away We shall be casted out That’s what they say I hope that levee breaks! Wash away! Trash! Trash! Lovely trash Everyone has ugly pasts And hate in their heart Cash cash lots of cash We must have to fill it fast The void in the heart Here comes the flood
did not have me at hello had me at good bye Said you would not let go You let me drown and die Is this the scene where we kiss to this, it’s just not accurate Is this how it’s suppose to be Really, really, really! Movies! Ruined! Ro! Mance! Take my hand and! Let’s dance! Silence! Worse thing that happened to me was buying a ticket Never completed me/ please just shut up Is this scene where we kiss to this, it’s just not accurate This how it’s suppose to be really, really, really! Bride: Film! Directors cut! Teach me how to love and what say! How to love and what to say! X2 Pseudo cinema! X2
HaHa 01:22
You could not do anything to Me I haven’t done to myself You think you could fuck with me But you look in the mirror and hate yourself This will thrive! This won’t die! This will thrive! Stay alive! Gimme a reason to quit this shit So I can give less a fuck about it No one loves or cares about you They were always fuckin laughing at you
This my sex voice.... Just give in, just let it happen, just stop breathing, just give in Fuck it
Glass Houses 02:31
How black the list get How deep the hole How black the mail Let’s cast the stone How black the kettle get How high the horse How black the ball get Fall on your sword Cancel! Cancel us! Scandal! Scandalous The shit you stand for does not exist Your house is made of glassX 6
Lookin for my evangeline All I found was a tree Lookin for my Evangeline All I did was murder a dream This is the anthem of nothing to do This is the anthem of Baton Rouge Every man a sot! Every man goes down! Lookin for my Evangeline Lost my soul in a car wash Lookin for my Evangeline She wasn’t there and neither was god Decorate with animal heads There’s blood on this stick And this stick is red!


released March 7, 2020


all rights reserved



SHADOW PEOPLE Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Screamo Sludge Punk/ Sludgecore
Here to make your ears cum

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